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About us

In PYC-SPORT we prioritize on developement and our customers' trust, therefore hereby we proudly present how we have changed over time. Below you will find a timeline, on which we have marked the paramount information regarding our company.


PYC-SPORT was established in 2004. Since the first day of operation we have targeted the creation and sales of sport equipment that offers the best possible quality/price ratio.


To better suit our offer to the customers' needs we decided to create two new snowboard brands: Raven and Screw. Raven quickly became the sales leader on the Polish market.


A new, high-end brand was introduced to our offer - Pathron. It's goal was not only to use advanced technology, but also creating trends in snowboarding. Pathron snowboard equipment quickly gained experienced riders' appreciation.


From the start we have been developing an international distribution network, but it was the 2012/2013 season when our products' export to 14 countries reached over half of our revenue for the first time. Also, it was 2012 when we broaden the offer of our brands to include other sport equipment, such as inline skates, roller skates and scooters. In few years' time we have reached the annual inline skates sales to a level of 60.000 pairs, becoming one of the leaders on the Polish market.


We introduced Croxer brand to the market, specialising in skating equipment in reasonable price. Wide variety of products, unusual design and unique colour schemes - these features distinguished Croxer brand from the competition and was well received by the customers.


Searching for new ways of development and thanks to technological advances we enlarged and improved our offer. We added new boards, boots and bindings. In the summer sports category appeared longboards and one of the most popular series of stunt scooters in Europe - Raven Evolution Series.


Start of a new Zethum brand. In Zethum's offer you will find professional stunt scooters that meet the needs of the high demanding riders. Made with the most advanced materials they are adapted to day to day skating and perform well even during exreme tricks.

Our Brands

Brand that was created with users on a budget, not wanting to resign on good quality and appealing design in mind. In the brand offer you will find product for both adults and children: inline skates, roller skates, scooters and balance bikes.
Pathron has appeared on the market in 2011, getting excellent marks among demanding riders. This high-end brad offers everything what is best in snowboarding, meeting advanced technology with simple, often even ascetic design. If you want to check how one of the best boards on the market ride, Pathron is the right address.
Brand created in 2005 provides the best quality/price ratio. Thanks to shorter supply chain that other brands, it can deliver the products at the best possible price to customers while offering at least the same quality as the one offered by the world's leading brands. As one of a few brands in the sport industry, Raven offers 30 months warranty on the equipment.
Stunt scooter brand created in 2020 focused on premium products - best materials, best quality directed at demanding cusomers. 6061-T6 aluminum, 4130 chrome steel - these are some of the expensive and durable materials used to build Zethum scooters. The quality of Zethum products was quickly approved by well riding individuals, resulting in their presence at skateshops in over 10 countries across Europe.

Our Shops

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Our divisions


Since the beginning of our operation, 2004, our HQ is located in a office-warehouse building in the south of Łódź, just beneath one of the main artery of the city. Our office operates on the 3rd floor, whereas the warehouse space spreads across the whole building with the total area of 2500 m2.

Częstochowska 38/52, 93-121 Łódź


In 2019 we opened our German division, enabling faster support for the German customers. Our office and warehouse located in Goerlitz handle not only deliveries to customers, but also returns and claims.

Rauschwalder Straße 41, 02826 Görlitz

Contact us

ul. Częstochowska 38/52
93-121 Łódź

Rauschwalder Straße 41
02826 Görlitz

Tel. +48 794 117 275


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